Grid Gym Rules

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Map Hotel Cyprus-Grid Gym Rules


  • Anyone entering the gym must agree to all and each one of the Terms and Conditions during registration, otherwise he or she will not be allowed to exercise/train at the gym.
  • No one is allowed to exercise without a towel.
  • Lockers are only available during workouts and for the safety of your personal belongings, each member must use their own personal lock.
  • For safety reasons, all lockers will be opened after the gym closes and all items inside the lockers will be removed and placed on the lost and found area on the reception of the hotel.
  • Aggressive language and/or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the gym.
  • Excessive and/or unreasonable noise will not be tolerated.
  • All weights must be put in place after use.
  • Bags and jackets are not allowed in the gym or outside to the lobby but only in the locker rooms.
  • Food consumption is only allowed outside the gym and is forbidden to anyone to order from outside our hotel.
  • During training, members must wear sportswear and shoes. Nobody is allowed to be shirtless inside the gym.
  • Members should keep the gym clean.
  • We do not bear any responsibility for loss and/or damage of your items.
  • Please use deodorant.
  • Changing clothes is only allowed in the locker rooms.
  • We do not bear any responsibility for any accidents which were caused by your fault.
  • In case of violation of any these terms, the administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw a member’s membership and/or permission to use and/or enter the gym and/or any part there of by terminating their contract. In such a case the member waives any right to compensation and/or remedy.


Subscription packages:

  • 1 month – €90
  • 6 months – €420 
  • 12 months – €720 

For the above packages, there will not be any option for freeze period except from health reasons.