High-Tech Hospitality in Nicosia, Cyprus


Welcome to Map Hotel,

Nicosia’s First Smart Hotel

Map Hotel Cyprus

Build a Bespoke Oasis

Designed to be your own private haven in a city yet to be discovered, the rooms are fully customizable to your personal taste. From the temperature to the lighting, your phone will ensure a warm welcome awaits you, every time it unlocks your door.
Map Hotel Cyprus

Transcend Traditional Hospitality

MAP’s elegant rooms employ a minimalist design, with an emphasis on vivid colors, high-end materials and an unsparingly spacious layout, creating a comfortable accommodation experience, brimming with character and style. Contemporary and chic, edgy yet simple, the sleek interior confidently allows for the true pièce de résistance to shine: the view of the old city.
Map Hotel Cyprus

Indulge your Wanderlust

Venture out to places unknown and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the ancient capital, regardless of the time of day. Pop out for a quick stroll or enjoy a full night out on the town, because MAP is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk away from Nicosia’s main attractions, finest restaurants and bustling nightlife.

Ultra modernism interiors


With its enviable location at the edge of Nicosia’s old city, at the crossroads of the thriving  business and tourist districts, MAP’s design sits front and centre. EKKY Studio are the architects  behind the exterior of MAP, and its minimalist design of the façade carries through to the inside  common areas, where the opulent dark interior is contrasted with vibrant pops of color. 

The 30 spacious rooms and suites open out imperiously to the old city, introducing an urban mood  through modern and simplistic design. They’re equal-parts contemporary and chic, edgy yet  simple, brimming with character and style. Surround yourself with style.