MAP Hotel, Nicosia

A new way to experience the city


Relax. Recharge. Reconnect.

Welcome to MAP Hotel, Nicosia’s first smart hotel.

Map Hotel Cyprus


Spending a night away from home shouldn’t be part of your trip. It should be the highlight of your trip. Lighting. Bed. Artwork. View. Everything should be just right. This is our design philosophy. Wonderful on Instagram, better experienced live.
Map Hotel Cyprus


You’re used to getting things with a click. Our smart hotel rooms know just how you feel. Check in and out without a key. Set your preferred lighting and room temperature. Order a meal to your room or dine with us at Scale Restaurant. Everything with a click on our app (cocktails included).
Map Hotel Cyprus


Your room overlooks Nicosia’s medieval Venetian bastions. A 10-minute walk in the opposite direction places you in the heart of the business district and the city’s best restaurants, shops and nightlife. Explore the whole city on foot and then come back to MAP to enjoy the view.


Routes & destinations

MAP’s journey with architect and artist, Kostas Neofitidis, began over 30 years ago when Neofitidis designed the original building MAP now calls home.

MAP Hotel is about routes and destinations, and the moments of quiet reflection in between. So it felt completely right to approach Neofitidis to fill MAP’s interior spaces with his paintings, prints, ceramics, and textiles, which celebrate the journeys shapes and colors take to create moments of spontaneous joy and deeper meaning.